Scaling up field labs for mission-driven innovation

July 18, 2022

Fieldlabs@Scale: Effective collaborative experimentation for mission-driven innovation

The general public became familiar with fieldlabs primarily from testing for access during the corona pandemic. At these physical test sites, various parties work together on major societal challenges. Here, solutions are developed, tested, and lessons are learned on how to implement them in practice.

More effective

The effectiveness of fieldlabs however remains mixed. They often face problems in scaling up such innovative solutions in business ecosystems. A new research project, funded by NWO KIC aims to make fieldlabs more effective. A broad, interdisciplinary consortium, Fieldlabs@Scale will study fieldlabs in agriculture, healthcare, infrastructure, and smart industry. The aim is to develop new theories on mechanisms for collaborative experimentation. And to co-create a toolkit and Fieldlab Academy programs.

Fieldlabs@Scale is coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. At TU/e, the project is led by researchers Marcel Bogers and Jaime BonnĂ­n Roca.