Marina Pilz da Cunha won the TU/e PhD thesis award

October 18, 2021

TU/e PhD award won by Marina Pilz da Cunha

Marina Pilz da Cunha who did her research at our department, has won the TU/e PhD thesis award last Friday!!

Marina’s PhD work titled “Bioinspired soft robotics, shining light on liquid crystal polymer” has been carried out in the Laboratory of Stimuli-responsive Functional materials and Devices, under the supervision of Prof. Albert Schenning. In her thesis Marina has developed innovative light driven soft robotics using fundamental research on advanced polymer materials used both as actuators and as light responsive materials. The work of Marina has been published in different highly ranked scientific journals, but have also been used for dissemination to the wide public through several outreach activities, including expositions in the museum Boerhaave in Leiden. And to make everything more exceptional, Marina has done all this in less than 4 years.

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