Information Security Technology track graduate Eva Wisse wins Kooy Prize 2023

April 24, 2023
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ir. Eva Wisse

Eva Wisse, who successfully completed her master's track in Information Security Technology at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in October 2022, recently received the 2023 edition of the Kooy Prize. The award is dedicated to the best Master’s Graduation Project in the Netherlands in the area of National Defense & Security. Eva received the award for her thesis "A2RID: An Anonymous RemoteID-compliant Group Signature Scheme for Commercial Drones". During her graduate program, Dr. Savio Sciancalepore was her supervisor.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with armed forces and in the security domain. This makes it difficult for regulatory authorities to regulate air traffic and keep the airspace safe. Within this context, Wisse focused on the application of Remote ID: a regulation that requires all commercial drones to include with their wireless messages clear information about the identity and location of the drone and driver. Specifically, Eva worked on dedicated lightweight mechanisms to provide drones anonymity. Also, she implemented and tested experimentally the solution on an actual constrained drone.

Since 2000, the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) prize has been awarded to the best graduate student in Defense or Security Technology at an engineering university or college.

The Kooy Prize, good for two thousand euros, is named for Prof. Johan Kooy. He was an internationally renowned professor of missile technology in the last century.

Our congratulations go out to Eva and her supervisor Savio!