What happens with all research and teaching collaborations with Russia and Belarus?

All research and teaching collaborations with Russia and Belarus will be frozen with immediate effect. This means that existing collaborations will cease until further notice and that no new collaborations may be initiated. This means, among other things, that no more financial transactions will be carried out and no more data and knowledge can be exchanged. Also, no more joint events will take place.

We realize that this is a drastic measure, which is particularly undesirable in a safe world where knowledge can be shared openly. It goes against the principles of open science. However, the situation we currently find ourselves in is exceptional and calls for exceptional steps. We are helping all our researchers to take them as best we can.

We are making an inventory of all collaborations at our university. That inventory is well underway, but of course there may be cases that are not yet on our radar. If you have or know of a partnership that you suspect has not yet been reported, we urge you to report it as soon as possible. You can do this directly with Floor van der Heijden.