AI @ TU/e - Information session

July 2, 2019

Frank Baaijens, our Rector Magnificus, introduced the ambitious Artificial Intelligence plans that the TU/e is developing. Despite the fast approaching summer and high temperatures, an audience of some 150 staff attended this information session on July 1st.


TU/e will invest seriously in AI research and education and is creating a dedicated institute: Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI). This institute will combine and strengthen existing research lines and create new ones, leveraging on key TU/e strengths such as: systems and control engineering, human technology interaction and ethics, data science and AI. Focus application areas include Health, High tech systems and Mobility. Carlo van de Weijer is in the lead shaping this institute, supported by a combination of scientific and support staff.

We are teaming up with partners in the Brainport region to build a strong, interconnected network with industry, (semi) governments and academia. One of the goals is to attract top talent to the TU/e, where some fifty additional permanent positions will be created. There will be shared facilities for AI education, projects and research, which will include several student teams, active in this domain.

EAISI aims to develop AI-technology for real-time autonomous decision-making taking effect in the real world: making machines intelligent. For this we need to combine top-notch AI knowledge with engineering and systems knowledge. 

The meeting was successful and the message generally very well received. However, this is only the first step, much work is still to be done. Frank ended the meeting with an open invitation to all TU/e staff that would like to participate and contribute to join EAISI.