TU/e launches Strategy 2030

How will the year 2030 look like for Eindhoven University of Technology? The university explored this last year and presents today the result of this ‘TU/expedition 2030’. With Strategy 2030 TU/e prepares itself for the future societal challenges.

In the past year our university went on expedition to see how the year 2030 will look like for Eindhoven University of Technology. How will industry and society evolve? What kind of students will apply for education at TU/e? Which research focus will the university have? The Executive Board took this expedition together with staff, external experts, and everyone who wanted to contribute.

Strategy 2030 outlines TU/e’s vision of the university, today and tomorrow and the focus in 2030. The document addresses what this means for the education and research of TU/e. Also, the vision specifies the connections the university should make on education, research and impact.