Eindhoven Engine receives 15 million from the Brainport Region Deal

The Eindhoven Engine, an innovation accelerator devised by TU/e Professor Maarten Steinbuch, will receive a substantial contribution from the 130 million euros recently allocated by the government to Brainport. The 'Eindhoven Engine' is one of the first ten projects to be awarded funding from this Brainport Region Deal.

In the Eindhoven Engine, teams of researchers from companies, from TU/e and ambitious students will work together on projects at a fixed co-location, which is for the time being the TU/e Multimedia Pavilion. The aim is that within five years approximately 250 FTE researchers and students will continuously work on projects within the Engine and that innovations will find their way to application much faster and more successfully.

The 15 million from the national government is backed by a joint contribution of 60 million from TU/e, TNO, Fontys, the companies and municipalities. TU/e, TNO and Fontys will be responsible for the management. Funds for projects within the Engine will be allocated on the basis of project proposals. Four projects are starting immediately, says Engine Director Clement Goossens, namely in the field of medical technology, automotive (connected driving), lithography systems and 'smart cities'.

Initiator Maarten Steinbuch: "The Eindhoven Engine is a collaboration program between the knowledge institutes and the business community in our region. In this way we combine the fresh creativity of ambitious students with brilliant researchers, innovative entrepreneurs and employees from the industry. Together we want to come up with solutions for social challenges at a high pace. Real problems from practice, and solving them with multidisciplinary teams. We will do this at a joint research location where we can find and inspire each other. Ultimately, the Eindhoven Engine, just as the Evoluon now, must become a beacon of innovation.”

The government contribution is a one-off. Ultimately, the financing must come entirely from the companies and other participating parties. The goal is to have about 500 FTE clever minds working within the Eindhoven Engine by 2030.