TU/e world number one in cooperation with innovative industry.

Eindhoven University of Technology is world's number one when it comes to cooperating with the most innovative firms worldwide. This has been established by Times Higher Education following a study of universities and their relationships with innovative technology companies. TU/e has produced a total of 1,316 scientific papers in cooperation with the top 25 companies on the list of what are known as Global Innovators.

Times Higher points out the increased importance to universities of good relations with trade and industry in recent decades, alongside the traditional mission of education and research. The researchers note that TU/e has almost 25 percent more research studies to its name than the number two on the list, Harvard. By contrast, Harvard's citation impact is a fair bit higher. With 15 placings, the American universities dominate the list. The Netherlands is actually doing strikingly well with four placements, including TU Delft (9th), Utrecht (20th) and the UvA (21st).

The ranking is based on all scientific papers featured in Clarivate Analytics in the period since 1980 (formerly Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science) .

Many of the highly ranked universities are situated close to companies recognized as Global Innovators or have a special link with one of these companies. For TU Eindhoven, this can be said of Philips and NXP, in particular. For the University of Tokyo (14th), the key companies are Hitachi and Sony, while the University of Minnesota (6th) has close links with the company 3M. Thales Group (Paris) for its part has a strong connection with the University Paris-Saclay (16th). 

Chairman of the board Jan Mengelers confirms the close links between the region and the university. "Eindhoven University of Technology was established 60 years ago on the initiative of the industry in the Southeast of the Netherlands. Think DAF, Philips, DSM. Since then the interconnection with the hightech manufacturing business has strengthened and increased. It fills us with pride that Eindhoven is top notch in the cooperation with innovative firms."

Published annually, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings pit universities against one another according to different criteria, including the quality of the higher education and scientific research at those institutions. The rankings are compiled by the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE), based on data gathered by Thomson Reuters. The rankings are regarded as one of the three most prominent and influential university rankings. THE also researches other university- related topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation and rankings by scientific subject.

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