Eindhoven University amongst best European innovators

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is perched in 16th spot in the ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities. That is the conclusion of the ranking of Europe's Most Innovative Universities published today by Reuters News. Number one is KU Leuven (Belgium), with Imperial College London second and Cambridge third. TU Delft lies seventh. Strikingly, Germany has most universities in the top 100, 24 in all.

The Reuters list reveals that the way is mainly led universities of technology. These are the institutions that have a focus on applied scientific research and applied sciences.

Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens of Eindhoven University of Technology is pleased about TU/e’s place in the Reuters’ ranking. “It confirms our university’s motto Where Innovation Starts. Still, Baaijens shows ambition. Eindhoven University aims for a top ten place in Europe, he says.

The very first publication of the list of Europe's Most Innovative Universities is the result of a worldwide survey among around 600 organizations from the field of education, the non-profit sector and government related research institutions. The focal points in the survey are the impact of scientific research and valorization, the commercialization of knowledge. In drawing up its ranking of most innovative universities, Reuters used data from Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science and research forums like InCites, Web of Science, Derwent Innovations Index and the Patents Citation Index. This concerns a mix of scientific publications, co-publications with industry, patent applications and citations of patents.