TU/e Graduate School Dean Jan Fransoo will move to Kühne Logistics University

Prof Jan Fransoo has announced that he will take up a position as Dean of Research at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg, Germany.KLU is a private, state-certified university focusing on the areas of logistics and management. Together with KLU’s president Professor Thomas Strothotte and an international team of professors, Jan Fransoo will help to further develop KLU’s expertise. Jan Fransoo has been the chair of Industrial Engineering at the Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences department of the Eindhoven University of Technology since 2003, specializing in Logistics. He has also been Dean of the TU/e Graduate School since 2013.

The first term of Jan Fransoo as Dean of the Graduate School ends in late 2017. Earlier, Jan Fransoo was project leader in charge of the revision of the master’s degree programs. This is a natural moment to consider his next step. Jan Fransoo says: “A great team of Graduate Program Directors and I have been able to do a thorough revision of the master’s degree programs, giving them a clear profile. We established the principles for the PhD degree programs with an excellent group of chairs and PhD students. In this final stage, I want to give new momentum to our technological designer’s degree programs.”

In his time as Dean, Jan Fransoo has had to take a step back in his research field, logistics. KLU offers him the chance to be more active in research while also taking on the administrative challenge to shape the direction of KLU.

Jan Fransoo looks back on his time as Dean with satisfaction and is grateful for the pleasant collaboration with his supporting team, the Executive Board, the program deans, the Dean of the Bachelor College and the STU directors. “The deans have now achieved a clear position within the Eindhoven University of Technology, which is of great importance for the success of the Bachelor College and the Graduate School.”

Rector magnificus Frank Baaijens regrets and respects the decision of Jan Fransoo to step down as Dean. “As an administrator and a scientist I know the pull of science. I understand his decision to create more room for his scientific ambitions. Jan Fransoo is very much appreciated here. He made a powerful start for the Graduate School, with an eye for quality. On behalf of the Executive Board, I wish him the best of luck.”

With his departure, Jan Fransoo also leaves behind the research group he has been with for more than 25 years. “I will definitely miss the people in the group, but I also see this as an opportunity to forge stronger ties between this TU/e group and the KLU.” Jan Fransoo will continue to hold a guest chair at TU Eindhoven.

KLU is looking forward to Professor Fransoo as the new Dean of Research. “Professor Fransoo will be a great addition to our already very research-strong and international faculty,” says Thomas Strothotte. “I am confident he will inspire research collaboration and help us establish ourselves as a first tier international business school with a focus on logistics.”