Pride in TU/e is at the heart of the new academic celebration MomenTUm

A walk of fame for the nearly one thousand graduating Bachelors in gowns who then simultaneously throw their cap in the air: this is the highlight of the new, grandiose MomenTUm celebration of TU Eindhoven. For the first time, the event brings together several academic ceremonies into a day full of festivities. In addition to a unique, joint degree ceremony for all Bachelor graduates, the annual academic awards, the honorary doctorate and the Marina van Damme grant will be presented. Peter Wennink, CEO of ASML, will give a lecture and Kraantje Pappie will headline the closing party evening.

Proud of the city and the university. With MomenTUm, TU/e is showing this pride more strongly than ever. By combining traditional ceremonies such as the dies natalis - the celebration of the university's 'birthday' - the opening and closing of the academic year and the presentation of the annual academic awards into one exuberant, high-profile celebration, TU/e hopes to start a new, more modern tradition.

Walk of fame

This is most clearly reflected in the new accolade of Bachelor graduates. During MomenTUm, for the first time, graduates from all Bachelor programs will receive their degree at the same time. The award ceremony will also be accompanied by a ceremony in the market hall at MetaForum, which is being organized on a large scale by Dutch standards. For example, every new Bachelor of Science - in gown and cap - will be announced by a broadcaster and, with musical accompaniment, will be applauded along a walk of fame by a gallery of 3,500 people. And afterwards they will traditionally throw their cap up into the air at the same time, at a signal from rector magnificus Frank Baaijens.


During the ceremony there will be several speeches, including President Jan Mengelers, Bachelor and Master students and the CEO of ASML Peter Wennink. All of this will be complemented with theatre, dance, music and video. There are also many awards: the Academic Annual Awards for the best graduation project, the best PDEng project and the best PhD project and teaching awards for the best teacher. An honorary doctorate will also be awarded to Professor Ann Dowling of the University of Cambridge. Her honorary promoter is Ines Lopez Arteaga, who became the first female professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in April 2016.

DJ contest

In addition to the ceremony, the student associations are also organizing a preliminary program of activities in the center of Eindhoven in the city. They are also holding a DJ-contest, where the winners perform at the closing party they are organizing in the evening in MetaForum. Cover band Proost! and Kraantje Pappie will also be performing there.

Joint Commitment

MomenTUm will be a day for which study associations, cultural associations, departments, services and the Executive Board will work together. To make it a day of celebration that pays tribute to the graduates, to the award winners and above all to the students and staff of TU/e.