TU/e makes a leap up the worldwide rankings for subject areas

Eindhoven University of Technologyhas made aconsiderable leap in the prestigious international Times Higher Education World University Ranking that focuses on the subject areas ‘Engineering & Technology’ and ‘Computer Science’. TU/e belongs to the 15 and 18 best European universities on these subjects respectively. The ‘THE ranking’ forms an important yardstick for government departments, policymakers and international students.

In September
TU/e had made a big jump in the general ranking of the Times Higher Education World University Ranking (THE WUR), up to 141st place. For one of the indicators – collaboration with industry within the scope of scientific research – TU/e even topped the list worldwide.

Ranking by subject

True to tradition, this announcement is followed by the ‘subrankings’ in which universities are compared with each other in terms of specific subject areas, officially known as the ‘Rankings by subject’. Previously, these rankings included the best hundred universities but this year THE has included many more in this list, totaling between 300 and 500 universities.

The scores are made up, as they are for the general ranking, of five indicators: research (30%), education (30%), citations in scientific publications (27.5%), international outlook (7.5%) and collaboration with industry (5%).

Top spot also in collaboration with industry

Just as last year, TU/e comes is among the top 100 in two of these disciplines, ‘Engineering & Technology’ and ‘Computer Science’. In ‘Engineering & Technology’ TU/e has risen this year from 64th to 51st place. Among European universities, TU/e takes the 15th position. And as in the general ranking, TU/e has scored highest for the indicator collaboration with industry, although in this case it has to share the position with ten other universities.

For ‘Computer Science’ TU/e has risen eleven places to 64th. When you take only the European universities into account, TU/e scores 18th. Although TU/e gets his highest score on the collaboration with industry, on this subject four other universities score a little bit better

The rise of Asian universities

Both subrankings are headed by Stanford University (US). According to the organization, a striking observation is the rise of the Asian universities in both subrankings. In addition to a number of high-scoring universities, Asia has a total of 132 universities in the top 500 for ‘Engineering & Technology’, and this means that it has more universities in this ranking than North America (127).