‘In 2019 I hope I can leave a mark on other people’s lives’

The holidays are approaching, and so is the turn of the year. What will 2019 bring us? For this series we asked four TU/e people about their view on the new year. What goals are they setting for themselves, and what dreams do they have? In this article: the Spanish master student Brandon Leal Perez who will graduate the coming year.

“It’s not about having time. It’s about making time,” and Brandon Leal Perez knows that well. Master’s student at TU/e, Spanish ambassador at the Recruitment Days, volunteer for special events at TU/e, occasional speaker at webinars. Despite all his social commitments, and the busy days that separate him from getting his Master’s degree, there is not a single day in which Brandon regrets relocating to the Netherlands.

“All the exciting experiences that TU/e has offered me”, says Brandon, “were possible due to my decision to move to this country, one and a half years ago”. When asked about one good reason to leave the country of Las Medulas, the Sagrada Familia and the Trencadís of Gaudi, Brandon has no doubts: “The effort that Dutch people put in technology development, that’s what convinced me to come.”

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

“First of all, I want to finish my Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. I will celebrate my graduation during Momentum 2019, the official ceremony of the Academic year planned for September 27th. Also, I am looking forward to my first professional experience in a company. Besides that, I would like to improve my social and managerial skills and learn more about Emotional Intelligence. It is such a great tool to understand human behavior and improve your work motivation and performance.”

How will we hear from you in 2019?

“You would probably hear from me as a junior engineer dealing with his first career steps. Also, I hope you will hear from me by the acquaintances I have met so far, during my studies and my extracurricular activities. That would mean that I have left a mark on other people’s lives. Isn’t that, after all, the biggest achievement one can get?”

When will 2019 be a successful year?

“2019 will be a successful year for me, from the very beginning to the end. In March I will finalize my Master’s thesis. Later on, I will then start an internship at a chemical company. I don’t have a defined plan for the last months of 2019, but I am very confident that successful times will come, both personally and professionally.”

What do you wish for everyone at TU/e in 2019?

“I wish for all those at TU/e to pursue their dreams and goals. Also, I hope that they will not be afraid of the future and the unknown. Working hard and with the right attitude, we can expand our horizons and achieve bigger goals, which could make us even prouder of ourselves. And, along the way, we might even discover new things about ourselves we were not aware of.”