'We want to show that solar cars are the solution in the energy transition'

The holidays are approaching, and so is the turn of the year. What will 2019 bring us? For this series we asked four TU/e people about their view on the new year. What goals do they set for themselves, and what dreams do they have? In this article: Solar Team Eindhoven.

Solar Team Eindhoven faces a huge challenge. This student team managed to win the World Solar Challenge in Australia three times in a row but will they also be able to live up to expectations in 2019? We spoke to Marije Sesink who is responsible for the press contact and communication.

What do you hope to achieve in 2019?

“In 2019 we will design, produce and present a new super cool solar car. Our main goal is to embody the potential of solar cars in a real family car and thereby share our vision with as many people as possible. We strive to improve techniques to make the solar car concept more efficient and accessible. We would like to emphasize that solar cars are the solution in the energy transition.”

“In addition, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will take place in October 2019, where we will of course be fighting to prolong our world title. It is the ultimate platform to show the impressive endurance of our car. In addition, a good score for ‘practicality’, where the car is judged by a jury for its practical applicability, will also be a big goal for us. We want to show that the Netherlands, and especially the Eindhoven region, is at the forefront of technical innovations in this field.”

How will we hear from you in 2019?

“In the first half of the year we will still be actively looking for support to achieve our goals, for example from companies but also from fans. That is why our entire process, the run-up to the car presentation and our months in Australia can be followed on social media, via the newsletter, on the website and of course at events. After our solar car is ready in around July, hopefully you will see us not only in the news but also on the road!”

When will 2019 be a success for you?

“In our team of 27 people, everyone is highly motivated to work on their specific interest and part, so each of us will consider 2019 a successful year if his/her task is successfully completed. That is exactly what gives us confidence in achieving our common goal: if everyone trusts in each other’s expertise and motivation, we can ultimately achieve goals together that we could never have achieved alone.”

“Our year will be a success for the team if together we achieve an end result that lives up to the vision we have shared since the start of our process. 2019 will be an intensive but special year and we are especially looking forward to the moment when everyone’s work comes together in a real car: a tangible product that we can proudly show to the world.”

What do you wish all those at TU/e for 2019?

"We wish everyone at TU/e a 2019 in which your interests and ideas come to fruition. A year in which you may well have to invest in what you believe in, but which, in the end, will be a fantastic result!”