Bridging the two cultures; A goodbye to Anthonie Meijers

October 28, 2019

On November 8th Anthonie Meijers will retire as a professor of philosophy and ethics of technology. Anthonie himself found an intellectual home in both mechanical engineering and in philosophy and has always strived for bridging the so-called two cultures in academia, i.e. the sciences and the humanities. In 2016 Anthonie was one of the initiators of the TU/e Center for Humans & Technology. In the center he saw a way to address the opportunities and challenges posed by the rapid developments at the interface of humans and technology. He brought together scientists from across the disciplines to strengthen the dialogue on the impact of technology.

Examples are the 2016 symposium ‘Machine Smarts and Human Values: designing a humanistic future’ or the symposium ‘Artificial Moral Agents’ earlier this year. Anthonie is fascinated by the possibilities of technology, but for him the starting point of any exploration is always from a distinctly human dimension. Combining a playful rigorousness with a broad interest in people and things he has contributed greatly to the success of the center. We are very happy he will remain active in the center, but also wish him lots of joy in the new phase of his life.

Instead of holding a valedictory lecture Anthonie has decided to ask for a photo exhibition ‘Denkbeelden’ in Atlas, which invites us all to think about the necessary normative frameworks for the implementation of new technology.