Growth TU/e with additional resources

June 27, 2019

More engineers, higher quality of education and greater impact on society

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke.

In the event of a positive decision by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science to make more funds available for technical universities, TU/e will use these to gradually phase out the inflow restriction (numerus fixus) as from next year (2020). In addition, TU/e will invest in further improving the quality of education, strengthening cooperation within higher education and the region, and intensify efforts to solving major societal challenges. Rector Magnificus of the TU/e Frank Baaijens: "Quality comes first at Eindhoven University of Technology. With these extra resources, we can continue to deliver high quality of education to a much larger group of students. With our challenge based education, we are perfectly suited to the needs of the labour market." 

A month ago, the Van Rijn Commission advised the Minister of Education, Culture and Science of Engelshoven to substantially increase the government's contribution to technical universities, due to the great need for engineers in the Netherlands. Chairman of the Executive Board Robert-Jan Smits: "With these additional resources, TU/e can more than ever take its responsibility in the region and contribute to major social issues in the fields of energy, health care, mobility and artificial intelligence. This impulse is of great importance for the sustainable development of the knowledge-intensive region of Brainport and the Netherlands".