Highly visited data science lecture by Radhika Kulkarni

September 10, 2019

DSCE had the privilege to host a lecture by Radhika Kulkarni, former Vice President of Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS. During her stay in the Netherlands she is visiting TU/e and JADS to share her knowledge and insights, build on many years of experience in data analytics.

Dr. Kulkarni talked passionately about the numerous opportunities for application of optimization techniques in various industries, including manufacturing, financial and the healthcare domain. Innovations in various optimization problems in these industries pose new challenges in for example automation, resulting in several scientific challenges. 

The interaction with the audience during the Q&A session, and after the talk clearly showed the relevance and interest of the topic. Dr. Kulkarni is interested and open to follow up discussions and will be around until early October.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization: Opportunities for Inter-Disciplinary Innovation


Machine learning tools and AI platforms have become prolific in many industries. Applications range from health care to financial applications to manufacturing industries. In the world of big data and ML / AI tools, there are numerous opportunities for application of optimization techniques. Large scale implementation of machine learning tools in artificial intelligence platforms require automation at several levels – increasing productivity along the entire analytics lifecycle as well as automated model selection to improve predictive models. In many of these problems, optimization techniques play an important role in finding solutions as well as improving performance.