Innovative ideas win prizes at TU/e Contest

The ideas of aWeare, Ratio and Team T.E.S.T. were the biggest winners yesterday in the final of the TU/e Contest. This innovation competition for students of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) was held for the fourth time and is a collaboration between TU/e and 35 leading companies and organizations in the Brainport region. With the TU/e Contest, these parties aim to challenge students to continue developing their innovative idea or prototype and produce a commercial product.

The winner of the best idea – with a cash prize of 4,000 euros and workspace at TU/e innovation Space – was aWeare, a project in which navigation for the visually impaired is incorporated in wearables, such as a backpack. The prize is to be used to continue developing the idea.

Biosensor for antibiotics

The prize for best prototype went to Ratio, software for aligning the hundreds of different designs involved in producing complex systems, such as aircraft, MRI scanners or bridges, with one another. Ratio wins a cash prize of 5,000 euros - and workspace at TU/e innovation Space.

Team T.E.S.T. won in the student teams category with their biosensor for antibiotics that patients can use at home. In addition, student team iGem 2018 (international Genetically Engineered Machine) won the audience award based on the number of votes cast. The team is focusing on a protein that functions as an anchor for genetically manipulated bacteria. The second audience award (a combination of ‘best idea’ and ‘best prototype’) went to Maps Untold, a new web platform for linking tourists up with local travel recommendations.

Selection procedure

A total of 120 projects were submitted by some 350 students. Of these, 72 projects went through to the first round. Based on a selection procedure conducted by TU/e and its partner companies involving business plans, speed dates and motivation shown, the top 20 were selected. These were subsequently judged in the final in the three categories: ‘best idea’, ‘best prototype’ and ‘student teams’. 

This is the first time that the TU/e Contest has been organized by the new TU/e innovation Space. TU/e innovation Space was opened in September 2017 in the Gaslab building on the TU/e campus. In November of this year, TU/e innovation Space will relocate to the Matrix site, where no fewer than 1500 m2 is available. TU/e innovation Space aims to allow entrepreneurial students to benefit from optimal cooperation in interdisciplinary student teams and startups, while enjoying the input of education and industry.