PhD defenses on Data Science

September 4, 2019

29 August - T.H.A. Castermans (M&CS)
Algorithms for Visualization in Digital Humanities

29 August - W.M. Sonke (M&CS)
Algorithms for River Network Analysis

30 August - R. Joshi (ID)
Towards Automated Solutions for Predictive Monitoring of Neonates

4 September - A. Pieterse (M&CS)
Tight Parameterized Preprocessing Bounds Sparsification via Low-Degree Polynomials

11 September - H.P.G.J. Beelen (EE)
Model-Based Temperature and State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-ion Batteries

11 September - G.P.J. Verstegen (IE&IS)
Organizing for digital innovation

11 September - T.C.F. van de Werff (ID)
Designing for the Internet of Lighting

25 September - R.W.H. Marks (EE)
Towards Control Relevant System Design and Constrained Order Controller Synthesis with a Thermal Control Application in Immersion Lithography

26 September - K. Mitra (M&CS)
Mathematical Complexities in Porous Media Flow

4 October - P.L. van Dongen (ID)
A Designer's Material Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology

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