Soccer robots Tech United world champions Robocup

The soccer robot team of the Eindhoven Technical University, 'Tech United', has won the world title tonight, in a 1-0 victory against the Portuguese team 'Cambada'. The previous times that the TU/e team won the world cup were in 2016, 2014 and 2012.

The robot football final against Cambada, was particularly exciting. The winning goal was by the celebrated Van Perslucht robot.

Deciding moment

In the first half, CAMBADA from Portugal clearly had a dominant position in the field. The Eindhoven robots suffered a lot of unnecessary ball loss, and the Eindhoven goalkeeper had to stop Portuguese shots about ten times. The Dutch robots, on the other hand, came to only a few shots at goal. Despite all the goal attempts it wasn't nice football; several times robots got stuck in a 'loop' and had to be taken to aside for maintanance.

During the break, both teams performed a an unfortunate amount of hardware tinkering and programming work on the robots, partly because dust came from the worn playing field into the robots. After a quick start in the second half, the TU/e-team managed to score after only 30 seconds. The Eindhoven team managed to win the race in an 'Italian way' with strongly defensive football.


Healthcare robotics

In the @Home League focusing on healthcare robots, the Eindhoven robot AMIGO achieved a respectable third place. The aim of this competition is to develop robotics that can provide service and assistance in home and care situations. This way we will show how technology from the football competition can be applied in a socially useful way.