Student team FruitPunch AI: new events

September 6, 2019

At the headquarters of FruitPunch AI, they have been busy during the summer break. After running their first AI competition in StarCraft 2 successfully, they are now organizing a worldwide AI competition using their own 3D game, based on human and AI collaboration.

Relevant masterclasses will be organized in preparation for the live finale in May 2020. The motto of FruitPunch AI, ‘AI for Good’, takes shape at their upcoming AI convention named ‘AI to Save the Planet’, which will take place in December. Besides that, they are working on an online AI platform which will launch soon. They are very excited to show their progress, so make sure to follow their social media channels @fruitpunchai and sign up for the newsletter at their website

Do you need a refresher about FruitPunch AI? Read about their origin in an article written by their chairman, Buster Franken.