Study Guide to Universities 2019 confirms need to curb TU/e growth

Eindhoven students remain positive about their studies

The Eindhoven University of Technology continues unabated with measures to keep the growth of students manageable. In the Study Guide to Universities 2019, Eindhoven scores less than in previous years. This underlines once again the need for decentralized selection (numerus fixus) for four programs and at the same time shows that investments are necessary. Nevertheless, it appears from the National Student Survey that students in Eindhoven enjoy the highest level of education after Wageningen.

Among other things, the university has used the study advance funds (resulting from the abolition of the basic grant) for more student assistants, the strengthening of challenge-based education (the new Innovation Space in the Matrix building) and the small scale of the contact between student and teacher. After the opening of the Atlas building (the old main building) at the beginning of 2019, the Laplace building will also be renovated to make extra space for education.

TU Eindhoven sees the explosive growth figures of student numbers translated into a lower placement in the 2019 Study Guide Universities. Just like last year, Eindhoven University of Technology has slipped in the rankings of the best universities in the Netherlands. TU/e is in at number eight for 2019, while Eindhoven was in third place in 2017. Moreover, TU/e not only loses a spot, but also scores 2 points less than in 2018. The decline in the previous edition (then - 2.5) has continued.

Most popular city among students
One striking aspect is the negative opinion of students about the quality of English of their teachers. They are also less positive about the study supervision. On the other hand, TU/e is as popular as ever among its own students: the City of Light has dropped from 4.16 to 4.13 in absolute figures in National Student Survey (NSE), but is still second 'best' in the Netherlands after Wageningen.

Eindhoven has two so-called 'top study programs': Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics. Applied Mathematics has lost its predicate. The weakest courses are - just like last year - Architecture and Industrial Design.

The Keuzegids university ranking 2019:

  1. Wageningen             74
  2. Enschede UT             67.5
  3. Open University         65
  4. Tilburg                 64.5
  5. Maastricht UM            64
  6. Nijmegen RU             63
  7. Groningen RUG         62.5
  8. TU/e                 60.5
  9. Amsterdam VU             60
  10. Utrecht UU             59.5
  11. LED UL                 58.5
  12. Delft TUD             58
  13. Rotterdam EUR         55
  14. Amsterdam UvA         54

Calculation method of the Study Guide:
The basis for the study program overview is data from the national database of Study Choices, which is expanded and updated through consultation with a large number of sources.
- Study programs: Central Register of Higher Education Programs. Balance 01-10-2018,
- Percentage of international students: DUO 1 digit HO, edit Nuffic/Keuzegids.
- Survival 1st year: Figures 'progress to year 2', reference date Sept 2017. Source: VSNU.
- Student assessments and Contact hours: Own adaptation by C.H.O.I. of the National Student Survey 2018. In the case of studies with too small a sample, results from one or two previous years are also included in the calculation.
- Expert opinion: This is a summary of the opinions from accreditation decisions of NVAO and the underlying reports from review panels. Position per 1 Sept 2018. For complete and current data, see the reports per program on
- Total score: This is based on the equal weighting of the 10 scores for 'judging'.
- Final assessment: The number of stars indicates the final assessment of the program.