TU/e starts Young Academy of Engineering

This week saw the TU/e Young Academy of Engineering officially get off the ground. This group of 21 young academic talents, of 7 different nationalities, will focus on stimulating interdisciplinary research and outreach to the general public.

The TU/e Young Academy of Engineering is chaired by Professor Patricia Dankers (Biomedical Engineering). She is also a board member of the national Young Academy of the KNAW, a platform has been around for more than 13 years and has inspired various universities in the Netherlands to set up their own young academy. The goals of the TU/e Young Academy include stimulating interdisciplinary research, contributing to outreach to the general public and providing advice on academic policy.


During the dinner that marked the start of this new academy, Rector Frank Baaijens emphasized that members are given every opportunity to shape the TU/e Young Academy of Engineering themselves. He expressed the hope that the academy will prepare members for playing a leading role within TU/e and beyond. The members themselves indicate that they especially hope to find inspiration from their colleagues and even collaboration in interdisciplinary research. The platform also offers scope to discuss, for example, the relationship between fundamental and applied research and to monitor the quality of education.

The first batch consists of 21 members, of 7 different nationalities. They have been selected from the nominations made by deans. There is at least one member from each department. These are the 21 members:

  • Alex Alvarado (Electrical Engineering, Chile)
  • Job Beckers (Applied Physics)
  • Emanuela Bosco (Built Environment, Italy)
  • Patricia Dankers (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Mathias Funk (Industrial Design, Germany)
  • Hanneke Gelderblom (Applied Physics)
  • Tom de Greef (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Jan Philipp Hofmann (Chemical Engineering, Germany)
  • Sandra Hofmann (Biomedical Engineering, Switzerland)
  • Maarten Hornikx (Built Environment)
  • Daniel Lakens (Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences)
  • Johan van Leeuwaarden (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Rong-Hao Liang (Industrial Design)
  • Decebal Mocanu (Mathematics and Computer Science, Romania)
  • Timothy Noel (Chemical Engineering, Belgium)
  • Tom Oomen (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jim Portegies (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Patty Stabile (Electrical Engineering, Italy)
  • Krist Vaesen (Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Belgium)
  • Kevin Verbeek (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Ilja Voets (Chemical Engineering)