TU/e the most bicycle-friendly campus in Brabant

May 14, 2019

On Tuesday 14 May, TU Eindhoven will receive the Gold Certificate from the Dutch Association of Cyclists (Fietsersbond), making it the most bicycle-friendly campus in Brabant.


On Tuesday 14 May, TU Eindhoven will receive the Gold Certificate from the Dutch Association of Cyclists (Fietsersbond), making it the most bicycle-friendly campus in Brabant. On this day, the municipality of Eindhoven, the Association of Cyclists and TU/e will officially introduce a bicycle counter on the campus in order to log better data on the use of bicycles on the university grounds.

The Gold Certificate will be presented by Max Mooij of the Association of Cyclists to Vice-President Nicole Ummelen of the TU/e. For the university, recognition by the Cyclists Association is the crowning glory of three years of greening and making the campus more sustainable. The new bicycle counter on the Campus will be placed along the cycle path between President Kennedylaan and the river Dommel, next to the Kennispoort building. There are now about ten such counters in Eindhoven.

The improvement of bicycle facilities is in line with TU/e's aim to reduce the use of cars by employees and thereby reduce the CO2 footprint of the entire institution. Our own research shows that most employees (68%) and students (95-98%) use sustainable means of transport such as public transport or cycling to get to the campus. TU/e encourages employees who still come by car to opt more often for more sustainable solutions, for example through favorable personnel conditions for the purchase of a bicycle or an e-bike.

Exemplary role

Nicole Ummelen, TU/e Vice-President: "Sustainability and our mobility policy go hand in hand at TU/e. This is what we have laid down in our strategic plan. We research sustainable solutions and work towards a livable and healthier society. And we also translate that into our own behavior on campus. A good cycling policy is part of that."

Monique List, Alderman for Mobility: "Eindhoven has big construction plans in the near future. At the same time, we want to keep the city livable and accessible. As a municipality, we are all too happy to encourage the use of sustainable transport, including the bicycle. I am proud that TU/e has now earned a Gold Certificate. A bicycle-friendly institution that can serve as an example to other employers. All those cycling students, employees, visitors and passers-by of the TU/e campus are now also logged by the new bicycle counter Together with the six bicycle counters that were installed in Eindhoven in January this year, we are getting better and better insight into cycling behavior in Eindhoven.”

Max Mooij, Association of Cyclists: "We are very enthusiastic that TU/e has decided to take part in the Bicycle-friendly Business program. Especially since the audit showed that the university has its affairs in excellent order. The Gold Certificate is a nice token of appreciation. The Eindhoven region has an exemplary role within the Netherlands, in view of the joint investment of millions in bicycle infrastructure that has been announced. That's why we expect many employers in the region to join Bicycle-friendly Business."


15:00: Reception in the Auditorium
15:15: Gold Certificate presented by Max Mooij, Association of Cyclists, to Nicole Ummelen, vice-president of the TU/e Executive Board
15.30: Joint commissioning of the bicycle counter on the cycle path next to Kennispoort
16.00: closing with drinks in the Auditorium.