TU/e-TNO-WUR team ‘(Water)stof tot nadenken’ wins study tour to Japan

October 17, 2019
Team '(Water)stof tot nadenken': Tes Apeldoorn (TNO), Leon Rosseau (TU/e) and Carina Nieuwenweg (WUR). Photo: Laura van der Linde

The industry cluster Eemsdelta in Groningen has an ambitious goal: sustainable and CO2-neutral production in 2050. The scenario competition Northern Back from the Future has offered several young professionals the opportunity to share their vision. The jury was most impressed by team '(Water)stof tot nadenken' (wordplay on Hydrogen/Food for thought) and they have won a study tour to Japan.

The team ‘(Water)stof tot nadenken’ consists of three young professionals and PhD-students: Leon Rosseau of TU/e, Tes Apeldoorn of TNO and Carina Nieuwenweg of Wageningen UR. They already knew each other through the VNCI Topsector Chemiebeurs, although they did not win this prestigious scholarship for master students in the same year. In July 2019 Tes and Carina joined forces with Leon, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry alumnus and currently PhD-student in the research group Chemical Process Intensification. His knowledge of process engineering and specifically his experience in hydrogen-based research proved to be a great addition to their multidisciplinary team with expertise in biochemistry and storage and conversion of CO2. As a team they were able to convince the jury and the audience that their vision was the most realistic and innovative. Their sound and well-informed paper '(Water)stof tot nadenken' combines various hopeful developments into a congruent and inclusive exploration. 

Crowd pleaser
At Eemsdeltavisie 2019 on 16 October in Delfzijl several teams could present their vision. This vision was created based on the Industry-agenda focusing on 2050 and the results of the 'Industrietafel Noord' focusing on 2030. They also had to translate their vision into steps (short and medium term) to realize the climate ambitions of 2030 and 2050. In the end, the jury and the audience chose team ‘(Water)stof tot nadenken’, after an excellent pitch by Tes Apeldoorn. They received 65% of the public's votes. They competed against a team of working students of 'MAAK Techniek en Proces' and a team of 'Avantium/University of Amsterdam'.

The team has won a study tour to Japan where they will visit Kikkoman, Teijin Aramid and Yokogawa, among others. Secondly, all three teams will sail with the sailboat Ecolution for a day. This ship is filled with innovations in the field of green energy as well as modern sailing techniques. It was built for former astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

Competition Northern Back from the Future
The competition Northern Back From the Future is organized by Industrielinqs, publisher of 'Het nieuwe Produceren' and 'Petrochem'. It is a co-initiative by EemsdeltaGreen and the Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI). The competition is also supported by Chemport Europe, Groningen Seaports, Samenwerkende Bedrijven Eemsdelta (SBE) and Chemiepark Delfzijl.