Wijnand IJsselsteijn keynote speaker at Alzheimer Europe Congress

September 18, 2019

The conference is a great opportunity for dementia experts to meet, learn from one another and share knowledge and experiences. This year's motto is ‘Making valuable connections’. Wijnand IJsselsteijn is one of the keynote speakers

This year's motto is ‘Making valuable connections’. Connectivity is key when it comes to dementia. Whether it refers to connecting brain cells, developing relationships between persons with dementia and their families and friends, living in a dementia-friendly society, having access to volunteers and local services, connecting with the help of technology and online platforms, building powerful networks of regional dementia care or collaborating with academic research centers and industrial partners. 

The congress is from 23-25th October in the Hague. Wijnand IJsselsteijn will deliver a keynote on 24 October

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