Constructions on TU/e Campus

The TU/e is working on a modern, green campus.Due to the construction of the TU/e Campus (which will be ready in 2020) and events organized in the aforementioned area, certain locations sometimes may be less accessible.

Whenever areas at the TU/e Campus are less accessible, we will list the locations and dates on this page.

Constructions on De Wielen, bicycle path will be inhibited, July, 18 till 26, 2019

For constructions near the Fontys building ER, it is necessary to work on De Wielen (see picture), from July 18 till 26. The path has to be re-made. About 1 meter from the road, the passage will be obstructed. The barriers will remain accessible and in operation. The bicycle path will be inhibited.

Charging poles on car park P! not in use from 22 - 25 July

The 2 charging poles for electric cars on car park P1 (in front, near Auditorium) will have no power supply from Monday 22 July 8:00 till Thursday 25 July 18:00 hours.

Park Hilaria: TU/e entrance Den Dolech at the J.F.Kennedylaan closed from July 26 until August 13

Because of the construction of Park Hilaria, the TU/e entrance Den Dolech, at the J.F.Kennedylaan and the bicycle path over the Dommel, direction “Koeveld” (in front of Vertigo building) will be closed from July 26, 09:00 hrs until August 13 2018, 18:00 hrs.
Park Hilaria will be open from August 2 until 11.
The Eindhoven council will be responsible for the placing of information and diversion signs.

The entrance to the TU/e-campus for all vehicles will be the Insulindelaan and the Dorgelolaan.
Kennispoort will still be accessible via the Fellenoord - J.F.Kennedylaan.

Cyclists coming from the direction of Woensel can follow the diversion signs and enter the TU/e-campus via the Sport centre.
Access to the TU/e-campus for cyclists who come from direction the city centre, is via the entrance at the Dorgelolaan.

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Building site Fontys ER building

Building site design phase 2 (July 6 2018 – June 2019)
The building site is enclosed by building fences. To prevent tripping of the foot construction fences with poles have been placed in the ground near the foot and cycle path. Both the bike as the footpath remain accessible. At the entrance of the TU/e terrain there are barriers for the traffic.

The main entrance of the building will be involved with the building site. The access of this area is on the side of the Groene Loper. In the current situation, the relevant door is an escape door. This door will be provided with a temporary access control via the access control system of Fontys. The building fences near the Athene building will be moved. When the TU/e wants access to Athene, after notification by the contractor, access will be granted.

The performer will use the road and terrain near the Athene building. The construction fences have been placed such a way that the entrance of Athene remains accessible without entering the building site. The site of the Department of Chemical Engineering where chemicals are being saved, always remains available for supply. At the entrance of the building site there will be a porter as from the summer holiday 2018.

TU/e offers the construction personnel/subcontractors the possibility to park at the parking place P11 on the TU/e site, (link to map) with sufficient places. Near the Athene building there are parking places available for employees of the implementation team.

Existing landscape plan
After the completion of the building the landscape plan will be renewed by Fontys, for which MTD Landschapsarchitecten (designer of the Groene Loper) is making the design. The light poles, outdoor lighting, flagpoles and planters do not come back in the design. The landscape will be completely renewed. The barrier and the artwork will be removed during the construction work.