Parking on TU/e Campus

On the TU/e Campus, we use internal addresses. Before arriving by car on the site, it is important that you should know where and in which building you need to be.

Upon arriving on TU/e Campus you have to switch off your navigation system at the barriers. The guidance system will take over the navigation.

Parking guidance system
You obtain a ticket at the barrier. TU/e uses a paid parking system in order to push back car use.

Signposts indicate the direction to the main buildings and the parking lots nearest to them. The dynamic parking guidance system indicates the availability of free parking spaces in the various parking lots. At the parking lots themselves you will also see whether there are any free spaces available in the relevant parking lot. Once you have parked your car you follow the further indications for pedestrians in order to get to the right building.

Disabled persons
For disabled persons there are designated parking spaces available. Proceed to wheelchair accessibility.

Car parking charges and payment
Here you find the parking charges and where and how to pay.

You have parked your car and continue as pedestrian to the right building.