Charging poles for electric vehicles

There are ten charging points available on the TU/e Campus, two at the MultiMediaPaviljoen, two at the Auditorium, two on the parking place between Gemini and MetaForum, and four near Flux (see map). Also there are two charging points available on the MMS-side (for TU/e employees).

Charging card

Drivers of electric vehicles can tank by means of an EV charge card with a so-called RFID reader. EV-Box takes care of the billing and sends the invoices to the owners. They charge a standard price of 24 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is exclusive costs for the charging card.

The card gives access to all (semi-)public charging points in the Netherlands. The cards provides TU/e on-line insight into the power consumption. This enables to see how many kWh have been charged and how much that has costed.

Firmware update

Regularly, EV-Box will roll out to all its charging points with a subscription a new firmware update. This update will enhance reliability, fix minor issues, and improve stability in all EV-Box charging point network.

Also we've introduced new functionalities, such as:

  • Improved Smart Charging: Changed EV-Box Smart Charging to make ever better use of the available power in the grid, resulting in a faster and better charging experience.
  • LED Status: Added new LED status indication features, such as: orange and flashing yellow. You can download here the full overview of LED status, as follows:
    • Green: Stand-by or ready for use;
    • Flashing Green: Your charging card is being authorized;
    • Yellow: Your vehicle is fully charged;
    • Flashing Yellow (NEW): Your vehicle is in smart charging queue (temporarily waiting to start charging);
    • Blue: Your vehicle is charging;
    • Orange (NEW) or RED: External error, charging cable can only be unlocked by presenting a valid RFID card;
    • Flashing Red: Your charging card is not authorized to start a session.
  • Fixes & Enhancements: We've fixed minor issue with program card functionality, time and date sync, and high data usage, amongst many other improvements for better charging experience and management.

With this update, we believe that your charging experience will be better as well as the usage of your charging station.