Parking for users of the campus

This website will provide you with all the available information about the parking policy on the TU/e Campus.

The TU/e parking policy means that vehicle access to the TU/e Campus will be controlled by barriers. The TU/e Campus is accessible for everyone. However, car users will have to pay for parking facilities.

Barriers are installed on the access roads leading to the:

  • John F. Kennedylaan
  • Insulindelaan
  • Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan

Paid parking for TU/e employees and students

Information about paid parking for TU/e employees and students can be found on the intranet site

Other users TU/e Campus

The companies and institutions on the TU/e campus that are not part of the university will consult with Internal Affairs on the use of campus parking places and the costs associated with using them.

Enforcement of road traffic rules

The normal road traffic rules also apply on the TU/e campus. This means that cars must only be parked in the specially marked parking bays or on the roads where parking is allowed, in accordance with the normal road traffic rules. Cars parked in places where this is not allowed can be given a penalty ticket or towed away. The TU/e Security maintains the road traffic rules. The parking regulations of the TU/e, adopted by the Executive Board, provides for the regulation of these.

Parking with mobility limitations

Special parking spaces for car users with mobility limitations are provided on the campus. To use these spaces you need an invalid parking permit, which is available from your municipal council. You can find information about facilities for employees and students with (temporary) mobility limitations in the parking regulations. For more information, please contact TU/e Parking, tel. 040-247 3054 (on workdays from 09.30 hrs. until 13.30 hrs.) or by e-mail: