• Organizers/associations have their own responsibility in the parking policy. Being able to buy and sell exit tickets ensures that the organizer/association and/or TU/e remains immune from extra costs. Advantage for the visitor: they can park against reduced fare.
  • Exit tickets may not be sold for profit by the organization or association.
  • Exit tickets must be ordered at least 1 week in advance, via e-mail.
  • Tariff exit ticket € 7.50 (regardless of the period of the activity or the event).
  • For certain events the CvB has decided to open the barrier, so visitors can park for free.

Overview of events whereby the barriers will be opened

  • Concert Philips Symfonie Orkest: 2 times a year on Sunday from 07.00 till 24.00
  • DDW (Dutch Design Week): The 2 weekends in this event: a custom rate up to maximum daily rate of € 2.50. From Friday 17.00 till Monday 07.00.
  • DTW (Dutch Technology Week): In the weekend this event takes place at the same time as the TU/eXperience, the barriers are open from Saturday 07.00 till Sunday 24.00. If another special activity takes place in the same week involving a larger number of expected external visitors, then free exit tickets will be available. The rest of the week barriers closed and normal rate.
  • Fontys Open days: Saturday from 07.00 till 24.00
  • Haijraa tournament: Friday from 06.00 till Monday 05.00
  • Lego League: Saturday from 07.00 till 24.00
  • Marathon Eindhoven: Sunday from 05.00 till 24.00
  • Master evening (2 times a year): free exit tickets for CEC
  • New year's concert Philips Symfonie Orkest: Sunday from 07.00 till 24.00
  • Park Hilaria: no open barriers, but during this period a custom daily rate of € 3.
  • TU/eXperience: Sunday from 07.00 uur till 24.00
  • (VWO) information days: Friday or Saturday from 07.00 till 24.00