Exit tickets

Exit tickets can be ordered for € 7,50 each (excl VAT). The exit tickets for the parking area "Kranenveld" (at the South side of the TNO building) are different and cannot be used at the other barriers.

Contact persons for exit tickets

To simplify the ordering and issue of exit tickets, certain people in each organization or management unit are authorized to order and issue exit tickets.

Three working days after ordering the exit tickets can be retrieved at the reception of Laplace. The reception is open every Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6:30 pm.

Exit tickets for special activities and events

At an event, external companies or organisations that are not housed on the TU/e campus, can use the TU/e campus for parking by visitors and participants.

Click here for an overview of events and the agreements around parking.

Procedure for exit tickets for visitors

These exit tickets are labeled with OTR (one time reduction). Visitors should take an entry ticket at the barrier, and can then ask their host for an exit ticket (OTR). On leaving the campus, visitors should first present their exit ticket and then the entry ticket. In these cases, visitors always need two cards. Both cards will be retained by the system.

Procedure for exit ticket for special events

Separate exit tickets are available for special events. These are the OTX (one time exit) tickets. These exit tickets completely replace the entry tickets. Visitors should take an entry ticket at the barrier, and will then be given an OTX exit ticket by the event organizer. Visitors should then only use this ticket to open the barrier when leaving the campus.