The barrier does not open on license plate recognition. What to do?

There are two possible causes if your license plate is not being recognized:

  1. The license plate recognition will never be 100% guaranteed, that is why it is important to always have your campus card when entering or leaving the campus. If your license plate was not detected, this may be a one-time error. If it happens two or three times in a row, please report this via, giving your name and number on your campus card, date and time of entering or leaving the campus and which entrance or exit you used (if you can remember, please also state right or left barrier). If you do not have a campus card and choose to draw a visiting card, you will have to pay the visitors rate. If you have your campus card at work, you can also exit the campus again within half an hour free of charge, and immediately enter again by using your campus card.

  2. If you enter your phone number in ‘(H)Eerlijk Parkeren’ with a hyphen (example: 06-xxxxxxxx), you will get an error message that prompts you to enter your phone number without a hyphen. But at the same time, your licence plate number has been deleted. Therefore, please make sure to check in (H)Eerlijk Parkeren if your licence plate number is filled in. If not, you can enter it immediately. If so, please report this issue via or phone number +31 (0)40-247 3054.