Sign posting on TU/e Campus

Information carriers

The outdoor signposting is comprised of a number of different information carriers. The information columns and panels serve as orientation and as guidance. A distinction is made in the signposting items for pedestrians, cyclists and motorized traffic.

The signposting pillars with plans for pedestrians are positioned in the direction of view, so that you will recognize the surroundings better. The plan also shows the most recognizable landmark buildings in 3D: Atlas, Vertigo, MetaForum, Auditorium, and the schimney at Ceres building.

The maps indicate where you are and in a circle show the information within a 5-minute walking distance radius. After having walked in the right direction for 5 minutes, the next maps indicate the next 5-minute-radius area. You will be guided until you reach the relevant building.

Identification column buildings

The identification column at the right building shows you the address information, information about the chief inhabitants of the building as well as the route to the entrance.


For cyclists there are slender red columns of two different heights with white lettering. This signposting on the edge of the site guides cyclists within and through the area. The taller columns mark designated spaces to park bicycles and bicycle shelters.

Motorized traffic

For motorized traffic there are finger posts. Their vanes refer to areas, important buildings, streets and parking lots.

The signposting system is linked to an automatic parking guidance system, which makes it immediately visible which parking lots are free or full. At the parking lots you will see columns indicating the parking lot as well as the number of the parking lot. These columns also indicate the number of free spaces still available.