Safety & Security

The core process of the Corporate Fire Department is:
•    Prevent, limit and fight fire (hazards)
•    Prevent and limit accidents at fires, plus everything around it
•    Limit and fight the dangers for man and animals at accidents other than fires
•    Collaborating with (ambulance) helpers and government services

When every second counts...

When an accident or calamity occurs in a building, life can depend on reporting this as soon as possible:
Call the TU/e-emergency phone: (040) 247 2222
Calling in a calamity can alert the proper authorities in a matter of seconds. Depending on the call, ambulance/first aid personnel, fire department or other authorities come to you aid. They will support you and fight the calamity.

Company Aid Assistance

An integral approach is necessary with calamities. Having security and a fire department keeps volunteers (in Dutch: BHV'ers) on campus limited.

This doesn't mean, however, that every management unit shouldn't take care of a BHV organisation. Because of this, most buildings have a BHV coordinator. Among other things, this coordinator takes care of sufficient educated and trained BHV people.

BHV'ers are responsible for the implementation of the official regulations for BHV (Company Aid Assistance). The BHV/ DIZ department coordinates and supports them to make sure this is done properly.