TU/e Student Teams

Friday 8 June 2018

TU/e student teams will present themselves during DTW on Friday 8 June from 12.00 to 16.30 in the Auditorium and outside on the so-called KOE-veld (in front of the Aud.).
At 12.45 is the unveiling of LINQ, the sustainable house of the future, built by student team VIRTUe in the context of the Solar Decathlon in Dubai.
LINQ can be visited after this.
The drone care assistant of the future, built by BlueJay can also be viewed.

In addition (outside on the KOE-veld) our winning solar car Stella Vie can be visited and there are car demonstrations by the ATeam with an autonomous driving car, TU/ecomotive with a bio-based car they have built themselves and University Racing Eindhoven with their self-built  electric racing car.

In the Auditorium, the student teams will pitch their inventions together with their business partners and speakers. A great opportunity to get in touch with students and/or companies and to experience how comprehensive the network of student teams is.

There are also presentations of teams that develop biosensors (iGEM and T.E.S.T.), InMotion with their electric racing car for the 24h Le Mans and speakers Erik Kamps of Crossyn and Carlo van de Weijer, director of Strategic Area Smart Mobility.
More keynote speakers will be announced shortly.

Please note that photo- and videorecordings will take place during this event.