TU/e TEDx Pitch Event

As part of Dutch Technology Week, a TEDx Pitch Event will take place on Tuesday 5 June 2018. Both people from outside TU/e as well as staff and students can take part. Staff and students enjoy priority.

Every participant will get the chance to pitch for 6 minutes on a topic of his or her choice. (Pay attention: the pitches are in English)

The best pitcher will continue on to TEDxEindhoven to give a TED Talk on 9 November 2018. Read more about TEDx here.

The Pitch Event will take place in Corona in the Luna building from 15.00 to 17.30.

The event will end in the café The Hubble.

Because of the high response is the registration closed. You are more than welcome to come and listen!

List participants and titles pitches:

Ayushman Talwar
A braille keypad for smartphones which helps visually impaired write and read braille

Daphne Muller
The Future of Internet of Things: proposing alternatives to trends

Ingrid Magilsen
How to bring a first price in a hackaton to market?

Collin Wagenmakers
Humanity's desire to be human in the face of technological advancement

Alexandra Auer
Segregation and Social Boundaries on the example of an elementary school in Europe's capital - how Brussels embodies societal differences and fails to integrate. A project to raise awareness of the segregated situation

Dannie van Osch
Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents: An Innovative Water-Immiscible Designer Solvent

Sira van Alebeek
"Worth" - a modern translation of cultural and traditional values of the past

Cas Verstappen
Noah: the world's first circular car

Lucy Stuyfzand
The relation between the couple of million hits we get from search engines and our happiness

Simone van den Broek
The final master project YOUhydration focuses on finding out how young adult can be activated to make suffiecient hydration a part of their daily routine