De Betekenaar

The idea of this twofold work of art is that it travels through the city with a view to special projects: if the sculpture is there, then so is a projection. In the evening 'De Betekenaar' (meaning something like 'The Signifier') gives a certain building or object a - supplementary - meaning, by projecting a drawing or image on it using a laser. For each project another artist or designer is asked to design an image. For of the first performance by 'De Betekenaar', on the occasion of the opening of the Tongelreep municipal swimming pool, video artist Olga Mink was invited to design the projection (see photo).  


'De Betekenaar' was conceived by Atelier Vrijdag. The design was put into reality with support from the TU/e Art Commission, the Municipality of Eindhoven (Eindhoven Lichtstad, 'City of Light'), and the MAD (Multi Media Art Design) Foundation.