TU/e Art Commission

In addition to giving - asked-for and unsolicited - advice to the Executive Board, the task of the Art Commission is fourfold:
- maintaining and managing the visual and graphic art collection of the university;
- expansion of this collection;
- and, more generally: publicizing the art collection and the promotion of art and culture at TU/e.

Extensive information about the activities of the Art Commission may be found in the annual reports 2002 - 2003, 2004 -2005, 2006 - 2007 and 2008 - 2009, 2010 - 2012. Contact Gerard Verhoogt, the secretary/curator.

Since 2008 the Art Commission has regularly held the Day of the Arts, highlighting one of the works and artists. The Days of the Arts always feature at least two parts: an exhibition and workshops in which students may participate. These focus on the work and on the ideas of the artist selected. Whenever possible, these are supplemented with the publication of a book and/or a documentary.

The Art Commission also supports initiatives and projects in the fields of art, culture, architecture and design, both advisory and financially. These have included the new official portrait of King Willem Alexander, Tagged, the project by Bert Moors, the Blob Art Pavillion and in 2006 De Betekenaar by Hugo Vrijdag as well as the Cubanda.

The current members of the TU/e Art Commission are:
Prof.dr Bernard Colenbrander, chairman
Erik van den Boogaard, treasurer                                                          
Britte Sloothaak, secretary/curator
Members: drs. Joep Huiskamp, drs. Anneroos Dijkhuis ir. Alfons Bruekers, David Ernst, Dorien Peters.

For further information about the Art Commission please contact
Britte Sloothaak: kunstcommissie@tue.nl.

The art committee is currently working on a new acquisition policy for the TU/e art collection. Unsolicited presentations of artist portfolios will therefore not be reviewed. We expect to be able to publish our new purchasing policy online in the course of 2022.

The Art Lending Library
Works from the Art Lending Library may be borrowed by staff members. Jeanneke Grimbergen (Studium Generale) and succeeded as of spring 2022 by Alice Litsenburg, manages and maintains the graphics and photography collections, as well as loan to employees. New works are acquired each year.

Voor meer informatie over de collectie of het lenen van grafiek kunt u kijken op de pagina van de  For more information about the collection or about borrowing graphic art go to the page of the Art Lending Library.