Art collection

The TU/e possesses a varied collection of visual art works. It comprises larger and smaller sculptures of various materials such as bronze, wood and steel, as well as wall hangings, paintings, (architectonic) constructions, wall paintings and a large collection of graphic art.

The collection spans the whole period of the existence of the TU/e, from the early years until today. The sculptures by various artists may be found both on the TU/e campus and in the buildings of the departments and services. Images of the complete collection of visual art and of a small selection of the graphic art collection are shown on this site.

In 2001 a catalogue, entitled 'Ensemble', was published, covering part of the TU/e visual art collection. It also includes a selection of the graphic art collection, which comprises more than 860 works that may be borrowed by TU/e employees. A new catalogue titled 'Art Connected' was released in 2011. This includes an art historical desciption of the collection.

This site shows the whole TU/e art collection. It also contains links to websites with more information about the artists and/or their work. In addition, two walking routes are included, which will guide you along the most important sculptures on the campus, inasmuch as they are located in the public space

For works by artists who are members of a CISAC organization, copyright has been arranged with Pictoright in Amsterdam. Every effort has been made to contact any holders of rights. Holders of rights who were not contacted in this context, are requested to contact the Art Commission.

For more information contact Britte Sloothaak, curator of the Art Commission:

The art committee is currently working on a new acquisition policy for the TU/e art collection. Unsolicited presentations of artist portfolios will therefore not be reviewed. We expect to be able to publish our new purchasing policy online in the course of 2022.