Dom Hans van der Laan


'Mens Agitat Molem' (1983)

Dom Hans van der Laan

Location: Entrance to TU/e campus coming from Kennedylaan

'Mens Agitat Molem', meaning 'Spirit moves matter', is the motto of TU/e. This motto is also the text of a plaque on the facade of the Pavilion, the first building erected on the campus. The plaque at the entrance at Kennedylaan was completed under supervision of ing. Hans Kalkhoven, along with the 'Ring of Möbius' that stands behind it.

The design of the letters used for both plaques was made by the benedictine monk and architect Dom Hans van der Laan. Letters of this type feature too in 'Alfabet', a work by Van der Laan that embellishes the wall of the Dorgelo conference room in the Traverse building.

The plaque carrying the motto, together with the 'Ring of Möbius', was a gift made by the Philips Company to TU/e on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its foundaton.

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