Stijn Peeters

Stijn Peeters

"I believe that my art should serve involvement. Art must have importance. That is why I deal with topical social matters". Stijn Peeters' work is on display regularly in museums, art galleries and other art venues in the Netherlands and abroad.

Peeters however does not deal with social matters only. He is no stranger to self-irony in work like his "Into the doghouse" drawings, in which he visualizes his own life as that of a dog. Which seems not unpleasant at all to him. 

Stijn Peeters makes many small works (drawings, graphics) on paper. His paintings however are often (very) large. He studied first at the Royal Academy of Art and Design at 's-Hertogenbosch and then at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. He taught at several Dutch art academies and is currently with the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg.

He began to feel involved in world affairs during the nineteen nineties, when a bloody war led to the breakup of Yugoslavia. Newspapers of the time were filled with photographs of fleeing men, women and children. Stijn's work 'Deluge' (1999) dates from that period. It is based on an eponymous work by Maso Finiguerra (15th Century), but it also comprises elements of a 15th-Century mural by Paolo Uccello.

Another recurrent theme in Stijn Peeters' work is 'The world upside down'.  Mythological stories and images on folkloristic prints are other sources of inspiration.