Multi-edition art

Beside unique works, like sculptures, constructions, paintings, murals etc., the TU/e art collection also comprises art that can be reproduced in multiple editions. For example graphics, digital art, video and photography. The main feature of this kind of works is that identical reproductions can be made.

The graphics collection comprises some 900 works, from both well-known and less well-known graphic artists. New works from household names as well as promising newcomers are purchased each year. During the past ten years photography and digital art were added as new elements to the collection.

Many of these works, except for video, may be borrowed by TU/e employees to display in their offices or corridors. To find out more contact Jeanneke Grimbergen ( or phone 4900 / 4582) or go to the art lending library page.

The TU/e Art Commission has during the past few years also created exhibitions in public places. An extensive overview of the graphics collection is on display in the Flux building (floors 1, 2, 3). It includes works by Angelique van Wesemael, Brechtje Verberne, Hans Wap, Jeroen Henneman, Ilse Schrama, Lode Pemmelaar, Marc Mulders, Marinus Fuit, Marc Kuyper, Reinoud van Vugt, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Sofie Knijff, Stijn Peeters and others.

Graphics and large-size photo prints are on display in MetaForum (floor 1, near the passageway to Luna). More of such displays are planned at other locations on the TU/e campus.