Digital Video

Mateusz Herczka

'Eindhoven' 2008

The first digital work of art in the TU/e collection is by Mateusz Herczka. The digital video 'Eindhoven' (2008) was, as is obvious from the title, made in this city. Herczka has a fascination for landscapes and on the invitation of MAD Emergent Art Centre he mapped Eindhoven for the Image Radio Festival (2008). Herczka himself features in the video as a hiker who lets himself be guided through the city by his intuition.

Filming as he walks using a steadycam, he makes shots of the city that is still unfamiliar to him. His process of discovery is at the heart of the video. Once the shots are made he uses a self-made computer program to add a dimension of time. This leads to images which Herczka created overflowing into fluid panoramas in a picturesque way, in which virtually every step - horizontal as well as vertical - can be followed.

Herczka's work borders on both art and science, exploring the relationship between nature and culture. For example, in 'Vanja' he uses orchids, the energy and movement of which he visualizes in graphic images. His most recent project, 'Killfish', resulted from his fascination for the world of this small, egg-laying tooth-carp. This creature found its own way to gain a place in the age of cultural evolution, which is among humankind in all kinds of small pools and puddles.

Mateusz Herczka studied at the Academy of Art at The Hague, and at various other art schools. His work is on display in international museums and art galleries. In collaboration with prominent Swedish choreographers, he works on dance projects that explore new ways of generating motion.