Cees Langendorff

'Fata Morgana' 1995



As a 10-year old boy Cees Langendorff (1948 - 1998) draws bridges on the reverse sides of toilet paper rolls. His dream is one day to construct bridges.

In high school he makes collages [see 1]; he then studies at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, working 'from nature' in clay [see 2]. He is given assigments for sculpture by the city authorities of The Hague and Amsterdam, and - being a trained welder - he completes all his work single-handedly. In times of spending cuts he converts to drawing and painting. Langendorff also designs icons and from time to time light installations [see 3].

The painting 'Fata Morgana' [see 4] was donated to TU/e by Cees Langendorff's brother, drs.ing. Ton Langendorff.

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