Frans Coppelmans

'Black Box' 1968


Work completed by: Wil van Kessel (Eindhoven)

Location: Vertigo (floor 7)

When exactly is a work of art a painting? Is this work by Frans Coppelmans a painting, a sculpture or a construction? During the nineteen fifties and sixties Coppelmans (1925 - 1993) explores all of art's boundaries and applies many forms and uses many different materials. Beside sculptures, paintings and murals (and combinations of these), he makes sculptures from tar and rocks, and he designs children's playgrounds.

The 'Black Box' (1968) is a work characteristic of the nineteen sixties, asking from the viewer to participate in it. The lower part comprises some elements which the viewer can move, thus altering the image with each position these elements are arranged in. In 1968 Coppelmans holds a lecture titled 'Is art also science and is science an art?' A question that always remains topical.

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