Frans Franssen

'Ruimte' ('Space'), 2008


Location: Vertigo building, conference room, floor 7.

Frans Franssen

Frans Franssen (1959) combines painting with sculpture. He studies at the Tilburg Academy of Visual Arts (1978-1983) and creates works autonomously as well as on assignment. The department of Architectural Sciences acquires his work 'Ruimte' in 2008.

Franssen often integrates architectural elements into both his paintings and sculptures. In the first decade of the 21st century he teaches design at TU/e (departments of Architectural Sciences and Industrial Design). He also initiates projects like the 'Kleur en Ruimte' ('Colour and Space') workshop, the 'DommelWaterColourContest' (on a theme day concerning the Dommel rivulet) and the 'Schilderlab' (the 'Painters' Lab', a project in cooperation with Studium Generale. In 2017 his column named 'Het blauw van de vlinder' ('The Blue of the Butterfly') is placed on the lawn near the Differ and Flux buildings.

See ‘Het blauw van de vlinder’

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