Frans Manders


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Frans Manders (1939) studies at the Academy of Industrial Design at Eindhoven. Following a disagreement with a teacher he abandons the course in 1961. He goes to work as a constructive draftsman, and later as a graphic designer and illustrator.

After a succesful exhibition of his watercolours and drawings in 1977 he carries on as an independent artist. He gains acclaim as a landscape painter, focussing on traditional and pristine scenes in his home province of Brabant. But after a while Manders begins to experiment with colour, style and approach.

A defining moment in Frans Manders' career is the fire that destroys his studio in 1995. Starting from scratch, his new work is inspired by memories of nature, but also of people and deep sea fish. He now creates abstract paintings, making use of linear effects or contrasting colour areas, as may be seen in 'Landschap in groen en rood' ('Landscape in red and green'). This is one of four canvasses by Manders which TU/e has acquired.

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