Herman Brood

'Chemical Brothers' /'Chemical Sisters' (1998)

Location: Helix Building, department of Chemical Engineering, floor 4

Like no other Dutch rock music and art icon before or since, Herman Brood (1946 - 2001) embodies the image of 'Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n Roll', the term itself having been coined in the nineteen seventies by his English colleague Ian Dury. In 1964 Brood enters the Academy of Art at Arnhem, but soon music becomes his main focus. He plays the piano in the legendary blues band 'Cuby and the Blizzards'. A decade later he gains world-wide acclaim with his own band, 'Herman Brood and His Wild Romance'. After a turbulent career in music Brood shifts his attention back to art and produces hundreds of works at a dazzling speed.

In 1998 he further solidifies his reputation for rapidity by creating, with the help of an assistant, two murals in the new Helix building within a time frame of less than an hour: 'Chemical Brothers' and 'Chemical Sisters'. The project was initiated by professor Bert Meijer, and facilitated by 'Appie' Alberts, a former staff member of the department and a friend of Herman Brood.

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