Iektje Meier


Location: Helix (floor 3),  MetaForum, floor 3

Iektje Meijer (1954) has had a passion for painting all her life. However, she starts out training as a nurse and spends many years working in that profession. In 1995 she enters the Academy of Art at Arendonk (Belgium), where she graduates in painting in 2005. Even though her pictures now on display at TU/e are figurative, they are characterized by an easy approach and a tendency towards abstraction.

"I've only just begun and my style is still in full development" she says at that time. Her later work, almost always done in acrylic paint applied on cotton, is entirely abstract. Of the paintings now in the collection of TU/e she says: "This work is tongue in cheek. My husband works here, so I know a bit about the academic world. When professors remove their ceremonial robes they're also just ordinary people."

Both the department of Chemical Engineering and the Office of Academic Ceremonies have acquired works by Iektje Meijer.